Questions and answers

Most of the questions our guests... here are the answers.

A  like arrive - when and how long we can arrive?

If you have reserved a campingpitch with us, we guarantee a free and ready-to-take pitch from 12.00-18.00.

If you have booked a campingpitch with us in the late arrival with prepayment of the first night, we extend the arrival time to 22.30.

If you have not reserved or booked a pitch, its possible for you to arrive between 12.00-22.30. Depending on availability, we are able to offer you a pitch (without guarantee of fulfillment).

Please do not arrive before 12.00 in any case, as we have no parking facilities for caravans and motorhomes in front of the campsite.

like barbecue - Is it allowed to use a grill on our pitch?

Barbequing - whether charcoal or gas barbecue - is allowed. However, we ask you not to "incense" your neighbors, to pay a little attention to the wind conditions here with us in the north and possibly to postpone the barbecue pleasure to another day. Furthermore, we ask you to dispose the charcoal only after cooling in our ash tank, standing on the recyclinplace.

B  like breadroll - Is there a breadroll service?

Our kiosk is open daily during the season, including Sundays and public holidays. Here you not only get the bread rolls (you ordered before)... also a small selection of the things you need for breakfast (butter, jam, cheese, sausage, milk, eggs, coffee) as well the daily newspapers.

D  like departure - why do we have to leave the place at 12.00 on the day of departure?

We plan the bookings in such a way, that you can use your pitch as long as possible on the day of departure. The new guests arrive at 12.00 to check in, so the pitches must be vacated from you by 12.00.

Only by prior arrangement with the reception, you have the possibility, for a fee of 15,00 €, to extend your stay until 18.00 "LATE-CHECKOUT" (if we have enough free seats and "your" place not pre-ordered).

Glike gas - Where can I get camping-gas bottles during my stay?

Gas bottles can be exchanged with us at the reception or at the kiosk. We have the german gray steel bottles in 5kg and 11kg in stock for you.

S like setting up - why are all caravans and motorhomes sett up in the same direction?

We have a set up order in our campsite regulation´s for building up the caravan or motorhome, to provide security and privacy for all our guests. Therefore, caravans and motorhomes must be set up on the right side of the pitch backwards.

S like shower - How do the warm showers work?

For the warm shower you need token (5 min / 0,50 €), which you can buy in the reception or kiosk. After inserting the token the hot water is released for 5 minutes (without start / stop).

T  like tourist tax - Do I have to pay tourist tax?

No, there is no tourist tax to pay on the campsite Lübeck-Schönböcken.

T  like TV - Is there a cable connection on the pitches?

Our pitches have no cable connection. To be able to watch your TV program, you must have a satellite receiver on bord.

W  like Wifi - is there a wifi access on the square?

We offer a free wifi access. You will find the information for the wifi access on the map, which you will receive afer the checkin in the reception.